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Lymer Jover


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I am a licensed Chemical Engineer in my home country, Philippines, with years of experience as a college engineering professor and materials construction supervisor. I have a Ph.D and ran my own consulting business that focused on mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students on their research, thesis and dissertation while acting as a consultant for their project research, design and statistics. My love for learning and numbers developed into passion that focused on helping a lot of people.

When I migrated to the US, I learned how to prepare my own tax return and later extended that service to family and close friends. My motivation behind it was to help alleviate their concerns about lowering their tax liabilities and putting more money in their pockets. Since I was highly motivated, it was easy for me to do a lot of tax research, attend conferences conducted by top planners, tax attorneys and CPAs, read books about tax and accounting and later take courses from one of the schools in Virginia. I have been preparing taxes for 7 years now and my clients are very satisfied with the advance tax savings strategies I especially developed for them.  My goal of helping people made me decide to open my own firm with my partner who has a bachelor’s degree and experience in accounting, sales and management. We teamed up with other experts in financial, legal and tax planning to help our clients to have peace of mind on their financial and tax problems.

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